The Intruders

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The Intruders by Mind Map: The Intruders

1. Social Engineering

1.1. Social interaction that preys on human gulliability, synpaths, or fear to take advantage of the target.

2. Types of Intruders

2.1. Hacker- technically proficient person who breaks into a computer sytem

2.1.1. Directed

2.1.2. Undirected

2.2. Cracker- an unwelcome system intruder with malicious intent.

2.3. Phreaker- subverting the phone system to get free service

3. Types of Attacks

3.1. Virus

3.2. Hacking

3.3. Social Engineering

4. Viruses

4.1. Worms

4.2. Bot

4.3. Trojan Program

5. Holes in the sytem

5.1. There are usually back doors used by the coders of the original program that way they have easy access. Sometimes hackers find the door and walk right in. So...