Separation Concepts and Techniques

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Separation Concepts and Techniques by Mind Map: Separation Concepts and Techniques

1. Homogenous mixtures

1.1. Solutions

1.1.1. Liquid-liquid (miscible liquids) If the boiling points are more than 20ºC apart, use distillation to separate. If the boiling points of the 2 liquids are less than 20ºC apart, use fractional distillation.

1.1.2. Solid-liquid (solid that dissolves in liquid) Evaparation to dryness Simple distillation Crystallization

2. Heterogenous mixtures

2.1. Solid-solid mixture

2.1.1. Sieve

2.1.2. Magnet

2.2. Liquid/solution and a solid that does not dissolve (suspension)

2.2.1. Filtration

2.2.2. Decanting

2.3. Two immiscible liquids

2.3.1. Separating Funnel

3. Chromatography

3.1. Column chromatography

3.1.1. Enables separation of large quantity of mixture

3.1.2. Contains mobile and stationary phase Alumina Silica Gel

3.2. Paper chromatography

3.2.1. Identifies substances in a substance but cannot obtain large quantities of purified mixtures