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Time management course structure by Mind Map: Time management course structure
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Time management course structure

Know yourself

Time as a resource

Keep a time log

Varying productivity during the day

Organising your day

The Pareto Principle

Parkinson's Law

Pressure and stress


= goal

= theory

= activity

Prioritise what you need to do

Urgent versus important

Categorising urgent and important tasks part 1

Categorising urgent and important tasks part 2

Perfect and good enough

Write things down

Manage meetings more effectively

Principles for effective meetings

Control your internet use

Internet use tips

Learn to say no

How to say no

Tips for saying no

Avoid distractions and interruptions

Your distractions

Handling interruptions

Plan tasks and objectives

Tasks and objectives

SMART planning

To-do lists and flexibility

Gantt charts part 1

Gantt charts part 2

Six thinking hats

Activity, productivity and presentee-ism

Taking breaks and holidays

Mind maps

Be conscious of time

Manage email more effectively

Decide whether to send an email

Tips for managing email

Further learning

Improve your academic reading

The key to effective academic reading

Tips for academic reading



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Course map

Books and online tools and resources

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