The Walt Disney Company

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The Walt Disney Company by Mind Map: The Walt Disney Company

1. Human Resource

1.1. This department helps attract and develop the people that will share the company's stories with the world. They may partner with the company's various businesses to develop strategies. They may also provide innovative business solutions throughout the company's global work environment to promote success, integrity and collaboration throughout all businesses.

2. Communications/Public Relations

2.1. As a member of the Communications/Public Relations teams, you can enhance Disney's reputation, brands, and businesses around the world. Your skills can impact the way our companies resonate -- not only with our consumers and guests, but with our own employees as well.

2.2. Your responsibilities may include: Managing the reputation of the Walt Disney Company, Developing strategic, cohesive external and internal communications, and Managing large-scale, high-visibility projects.

3. Financial Department

3.1. This department is responsible for Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Auditing, Tax, General Accounting, Operational Planning and Contract Reporting. This departments helps drive efficiency across domestic and global businesses, be a part of acquisition integration and gain valuable exposure to leadership across the company's businesses.

4. Engineering Department

4.1. Mechanical engineers can help ensure Guests continue to be thrilled by the company's innovative entertainment experiences. A Mechanical Quality Engineer can use his or her experience in design and mechanical systems to ensure the company's resort facilities are compliant with codes and standards.

4.2. As a Civil Engineer, you'll interact with project planning, design, maintenance and installation teams to contribute to site development and infrastructure system repair, enhancement or replacement needs of the company's Theme Park/Resort internal partners.

4.3. As an Industrial Engineer, you'll use your analytical skills and familiarity with modeling techniques to perform data studies, data acquisition and analysis.

5. Legal Department

5.1. The legal department supports and provides legal advice to the entire Walt Disney Company, including the theme parks, studio, media networks, consumer products and interactive media group.

5.2. The work of the group covers a wide array of areas of specialization, including: Litigation, Intellectual Property, Transactions, Regulatory Compliance, Business Conduct, Corporate Affairs, Contracts and Privacy.