Past Tense

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Past Tense by Mind Map: Past Tense

1. Past Perfect

1.1. Structure

1.1.1. Subject+had+main verb in past participle

1.2. Postive

1.2.1. The wind had blown the paper away before he got them.

1.3. Negative

1.3.1. The wind haden't blown the paper away before he got them.

1.4. Question

1.4.1. Had the wind blown the paper away before he got them?

1.5. Video Class

1.5.1. Note

2. Simple Past

2.1. Sructure

2.1.1. Subject+verb in the past form

2.2. Postive

2.2.1. She went to school yesterday.

2.3. Negative

2.3.1. She did not go to school yesterday.

2.4. Qusetions

2.4.1. Did she go to school yesterday?

2.5. Video Class

2.5.1. Note

3. Past Progressive

3.1. Structure

3.1.1. Subject+was/were+verb in present progressive form/ing form

3.2. Postive

3.2.1. It was raining last night.

3.3. Negative

3.3.1. It was not raining last night.

3.4. Question

3.4.1. Was it raining last night?

3.5. Video Class

3.5.1. Note

4. Past Perfect Progressive

4.1. Structure

4.1.1. Subject+had+been+verbi present participle

4.2. Postive

4.2.1. Eric had been studying hard.

4.3. Negative

4.3.1. Eric had not benn studying hard.

4.4. Question

4.4.1. Had Eric been studying hard?

4.5. Video Class

4.5.1. Note