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Game Ontology Project by Mind Map: Game Ontology Project
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Game Ontology Project

This is a representation of the Ontology as defined in the Game Ontology Project,



Input Devices, Analog Pushbutton, Digital Pushbutton, Direction Pad, Fourward Joystick, Lightgun, Rotary Paddle Control, Thruster (two-way) Joystick, Touch-Sensitive Screen, Stylus pen, Microphone

Input Methods, Locus of Manipulation, Multiple Entity Manipulation, Single Entity Manipulation, Manipulation Method, Direct Manipulation, Indirect Manipulation, Entity Programming Interface, Menu Interface, Point and Click Interface, Synchronized Button Press


Cardinality Of Gameworld, 1-Dimensional Gameworld, 2-Dimensional Gameworld, 3-Dimensional Gameworld, Undefined Gameworld Cardinality

Presentation Hardware, Audio Display Hardware, Haptic Display, Closed Cycle Haptics, Open Cycle Haptics, Visual Display Hardware, Video Monitor, VR Goggles

Presentation Software, Feedback, Confirmation, Warning, Point Of View, First-person Point of View, Second-person Point of View, Third-person Point of View, Sensory Output, Aural Output, Tactile Output, Visual Output, Camera-based World View, Camera Binding, Located Camera, Roaming Camera, Targeted Camera, Camera Dimensions, Three Dimensional Camera Motion, Three Dimensional Frame, Two Dimensional Camera Motion, Two Dimensional Frame, Head Up Display, Buttonpress Indicator, Control Bindings Display, Health Indicator, Lives Indicator, Map Display, Next Piece Indicator, Player Configurable Buttons/Keys, Points Indicator, Radar Display, Special Weapon Indicator, Time Indicator, Vehicular Instrumentation


Rules Synergies

Complete Information

Dominant Strategy

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment

Economies of Scale

Economies of Scope

Incomplete Information

Intransitive Relationships

Transitive Relationships

Gameplay Rules

Cardinality of Gameplay, 0-Dimension Gameplay, 1-Dimensional Gameplay, 2-Dimensional Gameplay, 3-Dimensional Gameplay

Game Ends, Evaluation of Ending, Gameworld Exhaustion, Narrative Exhaustion, Resource Exhaustion


Multiplayer, Cooperative Multiplayer

No Game End

Player Manipulable Rules, Difficulty Levels, Character customization


Segmentation of Gameplay, Challenge Segmentation, Boss Challenge, Bonus Stage, Puzzle, Wave, Mission, Spatial Segmentation, Level, Spatial Checkpoint, Temporal Segmentation, Temporal Coordination, Interleaved Games, Taking Turns, Passing, Rounds, Temporal Resource, Narrative Segmentation

Gameworld Rules




Pseudo-Physical Rules, Gravity, Life Support, Solidity, Persistent Gameworld (proposed)



Entity Manipulation

Compound Action

To Manage Resources

To Shoot

To Transport

To Collide

To Create

To Generate

To Move

To Evade

To Teleport

To Traverse

To Visit

To Own

To Capture

To Exchange, To Transfer

To Possess, To Collect, To Release

To Remove

To Rotate

To Select

To Target

To Manipulate Time

To Start Time

To Pause Time, To Pause Time with Gameworld Agency, To Pause Time without Gameworld Agency, To Save

To Rewind Time, To Undo Time

To Fast Forward Time, To Skip Time

To Accelerate Time

To Decelerate Time

To Localize Time

To Manipulate Gravity

To Customize

In-game Customization

Customization via Game Menu

Extra-game Customization


Agent Goals

Game Goals

Optional Goals, Collectables, Side-Quest

Required Goals

Goal Metrics

Performance Record


Success Level