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The Earth by Mind Map: The Earth

1. Perfect Distance

1.1. There is a small zone around the sun where life can exist. Earth is right in that zone.

1.2. Earth is not too far away or too close to the sun.

2. Perfect Mass

2.1. Mass is a measure of how much matter is in something.

2.2. Mass on planets determines the amount of gravity on them.

3. Perfect Rotation

3.1. The Earth has a 24 hour rotational period.

3.2. Earth would always have severe weather if rotation changed.


4. Perfect Atmosphere

4.1. Oxygen is the most important thing in our atmosphere.

4.2. Earth's atmosphere enables humans to sustain life.

4.3. Earth's atmosphere is about 800 miles high.

5. Perfect Tilt

5.1. The Equator is the imaginary line that divides the world in half.

5.2. North and Southern Hemisphere tilt toward the sun and causes seasons.

5.3. A globe will show how the Earth tilts.

6. Perfect Land

6.1. The Earth is made of an Inner core and Outer core.

6.2. The deeper you go into the Earth's crust the hotter it gets.

7. Perfect Magnetosphere

7.1. The entire Earth has an Magnetosphere.

7.2. The magnetic field around the Earth protects us from the particles coming from the sun.