Initial Ideas

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Initial Ideas by Mind Map: Initial Ideas

1. Whom I'm Working with

1.1. I'm Working with a fellow student, She is 17 years old. I think she is suitable for My Main role as she represents the Generic convention of the genre of Indie Pop due to her Fashion Style and lifestyle. I am also working with another student who is 17 and does ballet. I feel that using pieces of her ballet routine within my music video will help form a strong performance. The routine I am using of hers fits as well with the tempo of the song I have chosen.

2. Artist and Song

2.1. Have chosen to do the song Explosions by Ellie Goulding. I have chosen this artist as she is an inspiration for me, and I have admired her songs for many years. I have chosen her song Explosions as I feel that I can relate to the song and feel the exploding emotions she is conveying can be put into a very strong performance.

3. My Artists' Name

3.1. I have chosen to name my artist MW, this is because firstly it is the initials of my artist, and many artists are known for shortening their names or even changing their names completely for example "Lady Gaga". I have also chosen this because it is quite unique, plus as I would like my artist to be a trend setter, setting out a new way of having a cover name represents this.

4. Narrative or Performance?

4.1. I have chosen to base my music video on performance, with a slight hidden narrative. This is because I feel this would be quite unique and individual compared to many other Indie Pop songs as most use narrative, but there are some that use Performance to help convey their genre. I feel that in doing this I am creating a quite unique video.

5. Overview of Ideas

5.1. I think using a black and white theme throughout the video, will convey that the song contains many emotions, with the use of this I can express the emotions especially during the chorus when I hope to have a black and white background but with some colour. This will help represent the emotions coming through. I hope to preform this by my artist hitting a big drum with Coloured powder paint, at the same moment the word "explosions" is said in the song chorus. This will also fit with me genre as it is unique and very different to other videos. I want to film some lip syncing with different types of camera shots and angles, for example "It will never be the same" is the lyric and I plan on doing a close up on my artists face and a pan shot while she is saying these lyrics.