Google Project Glass

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Google Project Glass by Mind Map: Google Project Glass

1. The original idea

1.1. Voice control

1.2. Record what you see. Hands-free.

1.3. share what you see straightly

1.4. Directions right in front of you

1.5. Speak to send a message

1.6. Translate your voice

1.7. Answers without having to ask

2. high-technology

2.1. Bluetooth

2.2. wi-fi

2.3. speakers

2.4. cameras

2.5. microphones

2.6. touch panel

2.7. gyroscope of detecting gradient

3. function

3.1. video chat

3.2. take a photo

3.3. search the map

3.4. ......

4. change

4.1. To have smart phones, GPS and camera in one which will relieve our hands any simplify our life

4.2. live more healthy for its radiation is significantly lower than the cell phone radiation

5. price

5.1. sold less than 1500 dollars

5.2. cost less than 200 dollars

6. reception

6.1. concern

6.1.1. violate privacy rights eg. record and broadcast private conversations

6.1.2. Safety can text or video into your field of vision which may cause distraction.

6.2. praise

6.2.1. eg.sound clear even in a noisy environment

6.2.2. eg.voice commands to take photo which relieves hands

7. The ongoing improvements

7.1. network construction

7.1.1. without wide enough network for glasses ,customers must lose patience and interest one day

7.2. double vision

7.2.1. now customers have to adjust their vision all the time because of the problem of double vision, and it can damage their eyesight

7.3. key functions

7.3.1. some key functions like message, phone ,even map that google has promised don’t work.