Home Automation

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Home Automation by Mind Map: Home Automation

1. Cost

1.1. Electrical Bill

1.2. Maintenance

1.3. Time

1.3.1. learn how to use

1.4. Possible to cost up to 1,000,000 HKD

2. Benefits

2.1. Safe

2.2. Convenient

2.3. Saves time

2.4. Contributes to economy

2.5. Energy efficiency

2.6. Increases peace of mind

2.6.1. We need not worry if everything is in order.

3. General Information

3.1. Definition

3.1.1. A residential extension of building automation.

3.2. History

3.2.1. 1800s Nikola Tesla patented the first idea the remote control of vessels and vehicles

3.2.2. 1930s Ideas of modern home automation systems appeared in the World's Fairs

3.2.3. 1960s "ECHO IV" was developed by Jim Sutherland.

3.2.4. 1980s The first "wired homes" were built

3.2.5. 2012 1.5 million home automation systems were installed (US)

3.3. Features

3.3.1. Self-organizing

3.3.2. Sustainability

3.3.3. Convenience

3.3.4. Interoperability

3.3.5. Compatibility

4. Application

4.1. Security

4.1.1. Lockitron – Remote Door Lock

4.1.2. Intruder Alarm Systems(IAS) Warning Device

4.2. Entertainment

4.2.1. Whole house audio quick access, sharing, display of audio video throughout the house

4.3. Pet Care

4.3.1. Viatek Super Bark Stop

4.4. Home keeping

4.4.1. iRobot Roomba

4.5. Control System

4.5.1. Electrical appliances & Scene control

4.5.2. Electronic Broadcasting System & Letter Box

4.5.3. Home theater control system Control your media, intelligent lighting, curtains, temperature

4.5.4. Facility Booking system

4.5.5. Billing system

4.6. Green home automation

4.6.1. Energy Saving climate control system Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC) intelligent lighting automated lightning control with motion and light intensity sensor Remotely monitor and adjust home lighting control status throughout the house while away from home using your iPhone

4.6.2. Energy management monitor of power consumption and cost

4.7. Irrigation automation

4.8. Spa/pool system control

4.9. Lighting

4.9.1. shading

5. Successful Project

5.1. Walking Robot Maid

5.1.1. South Korean scientists have developed a walking robot maid which can clean a home, dump clothes in a washing machine and even heat food in a microwave.

5.2. Google Glass

5.2.1. As a remote of different electronic applications

5.3. Facial Recognition System