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Paper, Digital or Online Mind Mapping? by Mind Map: Paper, Digital or Online Mind Mapping?
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Paper, Digital or Online Mind Mapping?

To find out what mind mapping solution is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:Are you a very haptical person? Do you learn best by writing and drawing things by hand?Do you want to brainstorm with other people and manage group projects?Do you want to access your maps from multiple devices (your home/school/office computer, your smart phone, tablet, laptop ...)?

Paper Mind Maps

All you need for paper mind maps are a piece of unlined paper and a pen. Using colors makes it easier for your brain to remember what you've drawn, so colored pens are highly recommended.

Don't require a computer or internet access

Drawings can easily be added

Maps are very personal

Haptical experience in addition to visual stimulus

Can easily get lost

Making changes and corrections tends to mess up the map

Size of the paper sheet limits size of the mind map

Usually, only one person can comfortably work on a map at a time

Digital Mind Maps

Digital mind maps require a computer. Although you can draw mind maps in a lot of different applications (e.g. drawing or word-processing programs), mind mapping software offers many advantages those applications sometimes lack.

Ideas can be rearranged, added and deleted without compromising the map's clarity

Practically no limit in size

All maps can be safely stored in one place

Maps can be exported and added to documents and other files

To edit a map from multiple devices, the mind mapping software needs to be installed on every device seperately

Only one person can work on a map at a time

No haptical experience

Online Mind Maps

Online or cloud mind mapping requires a computer or other suitable electronical device as well as internet access. Some online mind mapping programs are exclusively used in a browser, while others allow access via a desktop app.

Feature all advantages of digital mind maps

Stored in a cloud and can be accessed from multiple devices

Multiple users can simultaneously work on a map

Can easily be shared or published

No haptical experience