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Online Shopping by Mind Map: Online Shopping

1. Advantages

1.1. Buyer side

1.1.1. Don't need to go out

1.1.2. 24 Hours working

1.1.3. Not limited by area

1.1.4. Can find hard-to-get items with minimum effort and cost

1.1.5. Automated cost-comparison available

1.2. Seller Side

1.2.1. Access to worldwide markets

1.2.2. Minimal Sales Cost

1.2.3. Increased competitiveness between large companies

2. How it work

2.1. B2B or B2C or C2C system

3. Disadvantages

3.1. Buyer Side

3.1.1. Security problems Bank account will had a more chance know by other

3.1.2. Privacy problems Personal information eg:what you buy online, what is your size.......

3.1.3. Must pay for shipping and wait for delivery

3.1.4. Cannot see or feel the products before buying

3.1.5. Difficult to return defective items to the seller

3.2. Seller Side

3.2.1. Unable to interact face-to-dace with customers

3.2.2. Additional Cost on building and maintaining the website

4. Example

4.1. Buy physical Object

4.1.1. Taobao Cloths, Digital Accessories...............many and many

4.1.2. Amazon many kind of differen thing

4.1.3. facebook add friends

4.1.4. ig

4.2. Buy virtual object

4.2.1. iTuens Music

4.2.2. Adobe software

4.2.3. Steam Computer Games

5. people

5.1. young one

5.1.1. trends buy clothes affected by peers eg. facebook, ig

5.2. elderly

5.2.1. have fun

5.3. sellers

5.3.1. sell things online goods come from over the world

5.3.2. discount