Electric vehicle

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Electric vehicle by Mind Map: Electric vehicle

1. Background

1.1. The history of the electric car started from the early 19th century, where inventors began with smaller scale of electric cars. As time passes, the battery became more efficient and started to apply in the electric vehicles. In early 20th centruy, electric cars gained popularity in the United States, despite the short range of driving distance and low efficiency.

2. Pros

2.1. Eco-Friendly

2.2. Quiet

2.3. Reduce Energy Dependence

2.4. Energy Efficient

3. Cons

3.1. Expensive

3.2. Hard to find charging facilities

3.3. High maintenance fee

3.4. Takes time to charge the cars

3.5. Batteries are too heavy

3.6. The range of an electric vehicle conversion depends on the battery type

4. Example

4.1. Smart Fortwo Electric Car (Smart)

4.2. Toyota Prius (Hybrid Car)

4.3. BMW Active E

4.4. GEM

4.5. Nissan leaf

4.6. Chevrolet Volt

5. News

5.1. Many German automobile manufacturers will introduce various type of eco-friendly(both electric and hybrid) cars in Frankfurt Auto Show. BMW will introduce electric generated i3 and i8, Volkswagen will introduce eGlof.

5.2. Half of all electric cars are sold in 5 cities. Those cities are San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle

6. Future Development

6.1. By the year 2020 30% of the cars driving on the road will be battery electric or plug-in hybrid

6.2. One in 10 cars globally will run on battery power alone by 2020

6.3. By 2020 electric cars and other green cars will take a third of the total of global car sales

7. How does it apply in our life?

7.1. It directly powered from an external power station

8. Electric cars by country

8.1. Japan

8.1.1. more than 28,000 electric cars have been sold in Japan through December 2012

8.2. US

8.2.1. The largest fleet of plug-in electric vehicles in the world

8.3. China

8.3.1. Introduce passenger and commercial vehicles

8.4. France

8.4.1. More than 14,600 electric cars have been registered in France through December 2012

8.5. Norway

8.5.1. The largest EV ownership per capita in the world