Innovation for the blind

This is a mindmap showing three new innovations for blind people. The blind usually face many difficulties in their life when compared to normal people. These innovations are used to improve their life and thus they can manage their life in a easy way.

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Innovation for the blind by Mind Map: Innovation for the blind

1. Braille Polaroid Camera

1.1. Function

1.1.1. Acts as an instant braille printer, translating the basic shape of an object into texture so that the blind can collect “images” in an album.

1.2. Application

1.2.1. Let blind keeping memories just like normal person

1.3. Background

1.3.1. Touching an object may help a blind person get a sense of what it is, but unlike the sighted, they can’t use photographs to capture and keep memories.

1.4. Advantages

1.4.1. Keep memories

1.4.2. Increase life standard

1.4.3. Build confient

1.4.4. Have more entertainment

1.5. Disavantages

1.5.1. Cannot show the colour

1.5.2. Difficult to share with other

2. Navigation Bracelet

2.1. Function

2.1.1. Speaking Interact with the blind in order to better understand where they will go and who they are going to meet

2.1.2. GPS Lead the blind to their destination Provide information about different products Avoid the blind from hitting the obstacle

2.2. Application

2.2.1. The blind can shake or press the button of the navigation bracelet so as to control it and guide them to the destination

2.3. Background

2.3.1. It is an innovation for the blind in order to increase their living standard.However,it can be used by the blind or normal people.

2.4. Advantages

2.4.1. Guide the blind to the destination

2.4.2. Provide information about different products

2.4.3. Avoid the blind from hitting the obstacle

2.4.4. Entertaining

2.4.5. Suitable for everyone

2.5. Disadvantages

2.5.1. Lose sense of direction

3. B-Touch Mobile Phone

3.1. Application

3.1.1. Innovative combination of blind touchscreen technologies and a heavy duty voice recognition system

3.2. Function

3.2.1. Act as a navigational system, an e-book reader and an object recognizer

3.2.2. basic call function Dial and receive phone call Save and delete phone number by typing the number and calling for the name

3.3. Background

3.4. Advantages

3.4.1. The phones for normal people are not suitable for those blind people, a b-touch mobile phone with 3 incredible features is now invented

3.4.2. Improve their lifestyle(more convienient)

3.4.3. Allow them to read books with more varieties

3.4.4. Guide them to the destination in a convenient way

3.4.5. Recognize objects for blind people

3.5. Disavantages

3.5.1. Only a concept, have not released yet