7 components of civilization

Rob Ort
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7 components of civilization by Mind Map: 7 components of civilization

1. Social structure and Family life

1.1. Nile

1.1.1. Egyptians kept slaves

1.1.2. Pharoahs married their sisters

1.1.3. Father was head of the house, the woman's duties were to take care of the children and the house.

1.1.4. Pharoahs

1.2. Huang He

1.2.1. Most citizens spent time farming in fields

1.2.2. Farmers were called upon to fight in the army

1.2.3. Only the elite citizens had free time to spend in pursuit of leisure activities such as hunting or other sports

1.2.4. Patriarchal society, men were dominant

2. Science and technology

2.1. Nile

2.1.1. Bow and Arrow

2.1.2. Built the Pyramids

2.1.3. Worked with many precious metals

2.1.4. Advances in medicine emerged

2.2. Huang He

2.2.1. Development of writing

2.2.2. Worked with bronze and made tools

2.2.3. Tools also fabricated from iron

2.2.4. Built tombs to burry their dead

3. Economy and trade

3.1. Nile

3.1.1. Precious metals/srones

3.1.2. Nubia provided mercenaries for Egypt

3.1.3. Trade economy

3.1.4. Spice traders

3.2. Huang He

3.2.1. May have developed one of the first monetary systems

3.2.2. Economy based on trade

3.2.3. Traded spices and silk

3.2.4. Other expensive items such as bronze and jade were traded

4. Religion

4.1. Nile

4.1.1. Caring for the gods were the priests responsibility

4.1.2. They were polytheistic which means they believed in multiple gods

4.1.3. Believed in the afterlife

4.1.4. Built temples and statues for the gods, they would leave food and change clothes of the statues

4.2. Huang He

4.2.1. Had royal tombs

4.2.2. Believed in afterlife

4.2.3. Worshipped ancestors

4.2.4. Buried ancestors in home, and would ask them for advice and leave food

5. Arts and education

5.1. Nile

5.1.1. Pottery

5.1.2. Paintings, Sculptures

5.1.3. Understood basic arithmatic

5.1.4. Medial Masters

5.2. Huang He

5.2.1. Decrative Bronze

5.2.2. Earliest writings on oracle bones

5.2.3. Precise calenders from stars

5.2.4. Some writing of rules

6. Geography and agriculture

6.1. Nile

6.1.1. Depended on the Nile for its lif giving water

6.1.2. The rough soil made farming hard

6.1.3. It had great mineral wealth

6.1.4. Egypt took control of Nubian lands

6.2. Huang He

6.2.1. Largely agricultural society

6.2.2. Combination of rivers and fertile soil for planting helped crop growth

6.2.3. Climate was cooler and drier

6.2.4. Grew mostly grains such as millet

7. Government and Leaders

7.1. Nile

7.1.1. Kings

7.1.2. Pharoahs

7.1.3. Skilled soldiers

7.1.4. Rivalry between Egypt, Nubia, and Kush

7.2. Huang He

7.2.1. Ruled by a strong monarchy

7.2.2. Kings were surrounded by nobles

7.2.3. Large army that conquered shang

7.2.4. Large army that conquered shang

7.2.5. Rulers told citizens of a mandate of heaven, or the belief that the gods supported a just ruler