Hang he & The Nile River

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Hang he & The Nile River by Mind Map: Hang he & The Nile River

1. Government & Leaders

1.1. Nile

1.1.1. - Pharaohs were leaders

1.1.2. -Pharaohs acted as judges and leaders of Egypt's army

1.1.3. -The pharaoh was surrounded by buracracy

1.1.4. -Lower and upper Egypt united around 3,100 B.C.

1.2. Huang He

1.2.1. -Kings appointed governors to rule distant parts of the kingdom

2. Science and Techonology

2.1. Hang He

2.1.1. Started working with bronze Made and used a calander They invented the first money system Also used a lot of Iron

2.2. Nile

2.2.1. Horse and Charoit Made armor and strong bow They made tunnels in through the great pyramids They also made inner chambers

3. Religion

3.1. Nile

3.1.1. Him and this priests would perform rituals everyday to ensure the sun rise

3.1.2. They prayed for the rain

3.1.3. They prayed that crops would grow

3.1.4. People believed Pharah was a God in human form

3.2. Hang He

3.3. Believed in after life

3.4. Asked ancestors for advice

3.5. Believed in Confacimlsm

3.6. Believed in Daoism

4. Economy & Trade

4.1. Nile

4.1.1. -Egyptians of the middle kingdom traded with the hubians trade routes

4.1.2. -Egyptian trade routes weren't very safe

4.2. Huang He

4.2.1. -Population grew which led to the building of roads and canals, which led to better communication

5. Geography and Agriculture

5.1. Nile

5.1.1. Egypt Flows through the Sahara

5.1.2. Depends on the nile water

5.1.3. They go where the most fertile soil is

5.1.4. They went where the best crops were

5.2. Hang He

5.2.1. Water flows through the Plateau to the Yellow Sea

5.2.2. Climate was cool and dry

5.2.3. They had good water flow

5.2.4. Fertile land due to the rive

6. Arts & Education

6.1. Nile

6.1.1. Carvings of Osiris were made he was a god that was part human part lion

6.1.2. The most famous symbols of Egypt were the pyramids

6.2. Huang He

6.2.1. Artists created highly decorated bronze vessels and objects

7. Social Structure and Family

7.1. Nile

7.2. Pharaoh had to find a new way to keep Egypt families safe

7.3. Borders were built borders

7.4. They also did it to keep the kingdom safe

7.5. You were higher up the social latter when you had more money and material things

7.6. Hang He

7.7. Confucius believed that people should treat another humonley

7.8. Daoism encourages people to retreat

7.9. They were on the social latter due to their religion

7.10. They also followed the leader of the area they were in.