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Action Plan by Mind Map: Action Plan

1. Brand Yourself

1.1. Your Blog

1.1.1. Social Media {Free} Facebook Provide Valuable Content Do Not Spam Comment on Other's Posts Tag People Twitter Follow and They Will Follow You Try and Have Conversations Promotion Should Be Limited to 5-10% of Activity Better Networker Learn From Others Get Involved in Forum Share Content

1.1.2. Video Marketing {Free} YouTube Channel

1.1.3. Article Marketing {Free} Ezine Articles Go Articles

1.1.4. Forum Marketing {Free} Too Many to Mention - find one or two that you like and visit regularly. Be sure to create a signature with a link to either your blog or 7 figure funnel

2. Funded Proposal

2.1. 7 Figure Networker

2.1.1. System Set Up Affiliate Profile Opportunity Profile Auto responder

2.1.2. Market the System Quick Results: Beginners Forum Marketing Facebook Twitter Quick Results: Advanced Google Adwords (PPC) Video Marketing (Massive Action) Slower Results: Long Term Article Marketing Hub Pages Squidoo Lens

2.1.3. Contact ALL Your Referrals Call Them - You can find their phone # within the system >> Referred Member Stats Introduce Yourslef Offer Assistance - Be a Leader Some Will Join You If Your Referrals Stay in System, You Will Earn Residual Commissions They Will See Your Opportunity Profile Some Will Be Interested and Want to Join Your Business Some Won't Join You, but you will still earn affiliate commissions

2.1.4. Advanced Use of System Market Your Primary Company Directly Set Up Your My Opportunity Sales Page (Campaigns >> Keyword Campaigns >> Add Campaign >> Choose "My Opportunity Sales Page"

3. Your MLM

3.1. Online Sponsoring

3.1.1. Connect with Each New Member

3.1.2. Provide Training and Guidance

3.2. Traditional Sponsoring

3.2.1. Warm Market

3.2.2. Business Presentation

4. Learn SEO for your Blog