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Cisco UCS Manager by Mind Map: Cisco UCS Manager
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Cisco UCS Manager

external Interface Layer

Data Management Engine (DME)

Object Services, MIT, Managed Objects, Physical, Processors, NICs, Servers, Ports, Non-Physical, Statistics, Faults, Events, Meta-Model, validates, Object Properties, Containments, Objects that contain other objects, Relationships, handles, object life cycle, drives, Behavior & Orchestration Services, FSM (finite state machine) Engine, Child Object of the object, Schedules tasks for the object, Performs tasks for the object, Business Logic, describes, Object Properties, Object Type, Parsing, Rendering Rules, Inheritence, How to invoke business logic specific to the object

Transaction Services, Responsible for, data mutations, Configuration and state changes of objects, Performed by, Transactor, replication of state change to the secondary UCSM instance in an HA environment, Performed by, Replicator, verifies, changes are permanently stored (persistified), in the, embedded persistent storage, Performed by, Persistifier

Uses, Application/End-Point (EP) Gateways (AG), Stateless agents, Propagates, Changes to EPs, Reports, State changes, from, EPs, to, DME, converts management info, from, Native Represention, to, Form of an MO, including, Configuration, Statistics, Faults, HW Abstraction layer, abstracts, object model, from, managed device or entity, Implement, Platform-Specific details of managed EPs, Types, Port/NX-OS, Responsible for, monitoring and managing, fabric interconnect, Configuring, Server-facing ports, Ethernet uplink ports, Objects, VLANs, Port Channels, trunks, Uplink connectivity, vNICs, vHBAs (from servers), Blade/Chassis, Responsible for, monitoring and managing, Chassis Management Controller (CMC), inside, Fabric Extender (FEX), Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), located on, each server's motherboard, performing, Firmware updates, Configuration updates, Settings, UUID, BIOS, on, CMC, BMC, server-related operations, Powering on blades, Powering off blades, Host Agents, Responsible for, Server Inventory, Configuration, BIOS firmware updates, Local RAID controllers, third-party adapter option ROMs, RAID configuration of local disks, Interacts Using, PNuOS, Processing Node Utility OS, ensures, Server anonymity, by, performing local disk scrubbing, NICs, Responsible for, Monitoring adapters, Managing adapters, Performing configuration changes, Updating firmware, Managing identifiers, MAC, WWN

Managed End-Points (EP)