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Office Management by Mind Map: Office Management
5.0 stars - 8 reviews range from 0 to 5

Office Management

Routine Duties

Make a checklist of all your routine duties.

Daily Duties

Weekly Duties

Monthly Duties

Current Projects

Add projects you're currently working on; note down open questions, tasks, links and files. You can also create a new map for each big project and place a link to it in your main map.

e.g. Website redesign

e.g. Organization of office christmas party

Today's To-Do List

Note down everything you need to do TODAY. This list should be updated on a daily basis or whenever you've finished a task from the list. You can either check it off or delete it right away.

e.g. Order office supplies

e.g. Book hotel for business trip

Don't forget

Note down everything you can't do right away but need to remember for a later point in time. You can also add dates and link them to your calendar.

e.g. Call business partner as soon as he gets back from vacation

e.g. Send thank you note to Mr. Bucholz as soon as we get approval for project