Haul Rope (Ch.2) - Processes (4)

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Haul Rope (Ch.2) - Processes (4) by Mind Map: Haul Rope (Ch.2) - Processes (4)

1. Galvanizing (гальванизация)

1.1. used in Europe

1.2. protects steel wires from corrosion

1.3. needs smaller amounts of lubrication than bright ropes

1.4. Bright rope - non-galvanized

1.4.1. have brownish colour

1.5. Galvanized VS bright ropes

1.5.1. reduced maintenance

1.5.2. improved drive friction (need less lube)

1.5.3. improved appearance (limited rope discolouration or disc. of sheaves, carriers, towers in wet climates)

2. lubrication

2.1. it reduces internal friction

2.2. it can rpotect wires from corrosion

2.3. if no lubrication, bending fatigue increases

2.4. part of manufacturing process and field lubrication

2.5. vegetable base oil

2.6. field lubrication ?

3. Prestressing

3.1. involves subjecting the rope to some degree of load or stress at the manufactuaring plant

3.2. reduces or eliminates construction stretch

3.2.1. C.s. - the stretch that results from the normal wearing-in process that happens once the rope has been put into service. This occurs as the Strands seat/compress in on the core

3.3. today's detachable chairs are often longer, so C.S. is a biggger concern

3.4. reducing C.S. -reducing the need for resplice

4. Preforming

4.1. the wires and strands are lshaped intor their helical (спиралевидную) form

4.1.1. withoout this process, a broken wire can protrude (торчать) from the rope and unravel (расплетатться)

4.2. Done as part of manufacturing process

4.3. Standard for all ropes

5. Compacted Ropes

5.1. Provide increased strength and longer rope life

6. Main wear factors

6.1. reduced rope diameter

6.2. broken wires