August 2013 TechConnect

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August 2013 TechConnect by Mind Map: August 2013 TechConnect

1. Issues

1.1. Our World Has Changed

1.1.1. 10 million unfulled manufacturing jobs (Due to lack of skills not workers)

1.1.2. Only 5 people are replacing every 10 that are retiring

1.1.3. Technical Work - Needs to know 10 times more now than they did 10-15 years ago

1.1.4. In 2012, Unscheduled downtime costs in process industry > $20Billion

1.2. Greater Support Challenge

1.2.1. Equipment of Past

1.2.2. Equipment of Future

1.3. Financial Crisis

1.3.1. Experienced workers have permanently left the workforce

1.3.2. Companies have implemented much tighter financial controls

1.3.3. Budget controls have tightened

1.3.4. Resource Availability has declined

1.4. Key Trends

1.4.1. .

1.5. More Bad News

1.5.1. 89% of unplanned down time is completely unpredictable 8% issue recognition What happened? 21% problem diagnosis What is the root cause? 47% resource identification Who has the ability to fix? 24% problem resolution Actually FIX the problem

1.5.2. After above, then pay service/bills etc.

2. New Ideas...

2.1. Way to solve problem?

2.1.1. Team had direct access to more experienced highly trained engineers?

2.1.2. Needed a part, it simply showed up. No paperwork, no PO, no 3 quotes

2.1.3. Needed help onsite, if an engineer would just show up? Without PO, Invoices, internal struggles, charges, travel charges, external resource

2.1.4. All happened in a way that actually helped stabilized the maintenance spend that would in essence protect the budget.

2.1.5. Increase Time duration by up to 68%

2.2. Potential Answer from RA (Rockwell Automation)

2.2.1. Assurance Integrated Support Comprehensive Support Agreement Tech support Parts exchange & repair Emergency Onsite Support Annual Equipment Health Checks Flat Fee It's TechConnect - that includes parts and labor What does it support? Drives PLCs Operator Interfaces HMI Motion Safety Networks Industrial Computers Etc... How does Assurance Work? Direct Line to Sr. Systems Engineers Else - Service Ticket . . Agreement SLAs