Haul Rope (Ch.2) - Grade and Related Rope Properties (6)

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Haul Rope (Ch.2) - Grade and Related Rope Properties (6) by Mind Map: Haul Rope (Ch.2) - Grade and Related Rope Properties (6)

1. tensile strength (растяжимость)

1.1. flexibility provided by wires in a wire rope OR ability to withstand longitudinal stress.

1.1.1. Safety factor 4.5

2. fatigue resistance (износ)

2.1. the wire rope's ability to resist bending fatigue and vibration

2.2. usually concentrated at grip locations and at points along the splice

2.3. rope gets fat(igue) and tired

3. abrasion (истирание) resistance (=rub)

3.1. rope's ability to resist both external and internal abrasion

3.2. strong rope core reduce the amount of internal a.

4. crushing strenght

4.1. important for counterwieght ropes

4.2. rope's ability to withstand forces that distort its cross-section and reduce its life

5. corrosion resistance

5.1. ability to resist corrosion

5.2. oxidation (окисление), rusting (ржавление)

6. Plow steel

6.1. the high tensile steel wire

6.2. grades

6.2.1. Improved Plow Steel (IPS)

6.2.2. Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS)

6.2.3. Double Extra Improved Plow Steel (EEIPS)