Learning Diary Post Headings

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Learning Diary Post Headings by Mind Map: Learning Diary Post Headings

1. I will try and ...

1.1. things you want to do which are related to

1.1.1. issues raised in class

1.1.2. interests

1.1.3. problems you have had

2. I still have the folllowing questions:

2.1. also put how you will have your questions answered

2.2. If you want to ask me write me an Email

2.2.1. don't rely on your tutor to read the post on time

3. These are opportunities to use my new knowledge/skills:

3.1. reflect how you can put your new skills into practice

4. This is what I learned this week (both in class and out of class):

4.1. write anything that you have learnt because of Comm3, e.g.:

4.1.1. Organisational Skills

4.1.2. Confidence

4.1.3. Tricks

4.1.4. Powerpoint / Open Office

4.1.5. Presenting Skills

4.1.6. Words

4.1.7. etc