20th Century Political Leaders

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20th Century Political Leaders by Mind Map: 20th Century Political Leaders

1. Example: Time Magazine's Website

1.1. an example of a news publication

1.2. about government, politics, money

1.3. audience: people who are interested in politics

2. Vocabulary

2.1. journalists

2.1.1. writes stories

2.2. ground-breaking story

2.2.1. the best

2.2.2. important

2.3. audience

2.3.1. people who will get your message

2.4. development

2.4.1. time line

2.4.2. how things change

2.5. policy

2.5.1. rules

2.5.2. laws

2.6. impacting

3. Published Presentations

3.1. goals

3.1.1. convince people to listen to the people of the past

3.1.2. use information from the Internet

3.1.3. connect what 20th century leaders did to what is happening NOW

3.1.4. use words, pictures, voices, videos to communicate within a website

3.2. timing

3.2.1. 3 weeks

3.2.2. right now: start looking for articles on your own; bring an article you've found on your own

3.3. build and publish a written essay

3.3.1. 5 paragraphs

3.3.2. add essay to your Google Site