Earth and Space Science

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Earth and Space Science by Mind Map: Earth and Space Science

1. File Attachments

1.1. Water Cycle Bracelet PDF

2. Content Standards

2.1. First grade science

2.2. Topic: Sun, Energy,and Weather Content Statement: The physical properties of water can change

3. Design Theme

3.1. Pictures of water changing into gases and solids

3.2. Naturalistic background

3.3. Science themed pictures

4. Visual Resources

4.1. Pictures of the water cycle

4.2. Water cycle graphics

4.3. Science based animations

5. Online Resources

5.1. This website has an excellent resource of the water cycle. This website has the students watch a video for the kids to watch that labels "rivers, lakes, etc. and then has the students play a matching game

5.2. Water Cycle Song. This song had exactly what I was looking for. It goes through the processes of the water cycle but not too in depth

5.3. This PDF has an interactive worksheet as a scramble using words from the water cycle

5.4. This website is a nice article for students to be read to and also has interactive worksheets at the bottom of the website.