Changes in Seasons

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Changes in Seasons by Mind Map: Changes in Seasons

1. Standards

1.1. Yearly weather changes (seasons) are observable patterns in the daily weather changes.

2. Glog Design

2.1. Changes in seasons background

2.1.1. Breakfast

2.1.2. Snack

2.1.3. Lunch

2.1.4. Snack

2.1.5. Dinner

2.2. Picture of a tree going through the changes

2.3. Season based graphics

2.4. Animation that has arrows point in to new season, showing the cycle.

3. Video and Websites- Online Resources

3.1. 4 Seasons in a Year (Video)

3.2. Why do we Have Seasons? (Song)

3.3. Earth Seasons(Interactive Activity)

3.4. Spring Matching Game (Interactive Activity)

4. Visual Aides

4.1. A picture of a tree that displays the changes of the 4 different seasons

4.2. Winter/Spring/Summer/fall Picture

4.3. Animated Arrows

5. File Attachments

5.1. Worksheets for Seasons This compile of worksheets is all connected to the different seasons earth goes through. It has the children spell each season, to practice writing. Also, it has them matching what objects matches what season. It has them draw what types of clothes they would wear in each season. Connecting to math, it has them "measure" objects with snowmen and beach balls. it has them "fill in the blank" for sentences. What season fits in that particular sentence. It all connects back to the changes in weather.