Social Robotics

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Social Robotics by Mind Map: Social Robotics

1. Search Terms - Keywords

1.1. Metaphor

1.1.1. Metaphors: ray-casting virtual hand

1.1.2. Figure of speech

1.2. Analogy

1.2.1. comparison

1.3. folk psychology

1.3.1. common sense

1.3.2. naïve theory

1.4. Simulation

1.4.1. Imitation representation

1.4.2. computer simulation computer visualisation

1.4.3. Virtual vs. material

1.4.4. artificial intelligence

1.5. Modeling

1.5.1. Cognition cognitive science

1.5.2. same radical Model, v. shape Model, n. Representation scale model computational model Modelize, v.

1.5.3. Domains Courtroom Science medicine Art Architecture

1.5.4. Examples: story scenario drawing map scale models in courtroom Computer program Scientific theory stéréotypes syntax grammar

1.5.5. Design Digital design 2D 3D computer graphics Animation video

1.6. Prototype

1.7. Automaton (pl. automata)

1.7.1. Robot(s) humanoid robot android sociable robots

1.7.2. interactive machines

1.8. Computers

1.8.1. computer science

1.8.2. computer systems

1.8.3. computer interfaces User interface

1.8.4. human-computer interaction

1.9. creation

1.9.1. creative process

1.9.2. "phase model of creativity"

2. Library Resources


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2.2. 2) BOOKS

2.2.1. Paper Library Catalog Union Catalogs WorldCat SUDOC

2.2.2. Electronic "Find Ebooks and Reference Materials" eBrary EBSCO Academic eBooks (MyiLibrary) (ACLS Humanities eBooks)

2.3. 3) ARTICLES in scholarly reviews

2.3.1. "Databases (Find an Article)" Academic Search Complete JSTOR Wilson OmniFile Fulltext Select Edition and more...


2.4.1. "Databases (Find an Article"