The Different Properties Glog

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The Different Properties Glog by Mind Map: The Different Properties Glog

1. Visual Resources

1.1. States of matter with freezing and boiling spots.

1.1.1. This image is on the changing phases website but is a good quick review.

1.2. States of matter with shape and volume explanation

1.2.1. This picture explains how matter can have volume.

1.3. States of matter with evaporation and condensation

1.3.1. This image shows evaporation and condensation with water, ice and steam.

2. Design Theme

2.1. I want to see if Glogster has a rain drop background, or something to do with water or steam.

2.2. Also I will try to use graphics that represent solids, liquids and gases.

2.3. I will make animated graphics to make the page more visually appealing.

3. Online Resources

3.1. Interactive Quiz

3.1.1. This quiz has students answer a few questions about matter and they uncover a picture when they complete the quiz.

3.2. Matter Video from Brain Pop Jr.

3.2.1. This video is a short recap on matter from Brain Pop Jr.

3.3. Changing Phases

3.3.1. This website talks about boiling and freezing points and changing phases.

3.4. Class experiment

3.4.1. This is a experiment the class could do to reinforce what they have learned in a fun and tasty way.

4. Content Standards

4.1. Matter exists in different states, each of which has different properties.

4.2. The most common states of matter are solids, liquids and gases.