BSI Grade 2 Mapping Unit Digital Literacy Curriculum Framework

Aligning projects with classroom curriculum & media literacy scope and sequence.

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BSI Grade 2 Mapping Unit Digital Literacy Curriculum Framework by Mind Map: BSI Grade 2 Mapping Unit  Digital Literacy Curriculum Framework



3. Work Products

3.1. Baseline Map Making

3.1.1. analog map the classroom

3.1.2. labeling, color, scale, continents

3.1.3. draw map of the world (baseline)

3.1.4. map your relatives (google maps)

3.1.5. Customizing Content on maps in Google Earth

3.2. Imaginary World Maps (oct-nov)

3.2.1. Map Key

3.2.2. Color Coding

3.2.3. Images showing animal types etc.

3.3. Explorers Brochures

3.4. Post Office Locations

3.4.1. using Google Earth to show where messages can be sent

3.4.2. using email to send messages abroad

4. Instructional Strategies

4.1. Classroom Learning Centers

4.1.1. Keys

4.1.2. Grids

4.1.3. Lat/Longitude

4.1.4. Color

4.1.5. Fonts

4.2. Perspective (important vs. big)

4.3. Engage in shared online communities

4.4. Remove typing as a barrier to expression -- typing in short doses

5. Tools (Tech)

5.1. Google Earth

5.2. Reach the World Geogames

5.3. Minecraft Extension Activity (study group)

6. Standards & Essential Questions

6.1. Media Literacy

6.1.1. Online Community: Who can we connect to in different parts of the world? How does digital technology affect that?

6.1.2. How do map makers use digital tools?

6.1.3. Is Google Earth a map? Who is the map maker? How is it alike/different from other maps?

6.2. Digital Skills

6.2.1. Keyword Search for Location

6.2.2. Uploading and inserting images

6.2.3. Typing locations and map info

6.2.4. Logging in to a Google Account

6.3. Social Studies

6.3.1. Understanding Map Functions how maps work: different maps, finding self

6.3.2. Understanding how map makers work maps reflect the POV of the mapmaker birds-eye view

6.3.3. Why is NY location Special strategic placement waterways proximity explorers trade difficult across land why map change over time New Amsterdam to Brooklyn Bridge

6.3.4. Why maps? for communication

6.4. Common Core

7. Texts & Media Texts

7.1. trade books

7.2. atlases

7.3. NYC books

7.4. Other Google Maps

7.5. Using student-produced Google Maps in the Classroom