The Four Seasons

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The Four Seasons by Mind Map: The Four Seasons

1. Content Standards

1.1. Content Standard

1.2. Earth and Space Science: Daily & Seasonal Changes. -Identify weather pattern and the season when the weather occurs. -Describe types of weather changes. -Identify types of short term weather

2. Online Resources

2.1. Four Seasons (Game)

2.2. Seasons Information (Video & Game)

2.3. Sticks & Seasons (Interactive Activity)

2.4. Seasons Song (YouTube Video)

3. Visual Resources

3.1. Pictures of the Seasons

3.2. Weather Patterns

3.3. Names of the Months

4. Design Theme

4.1. Season Themed Graphics

4.2. Animated Seaons

4.3. Colors for The Seasons

4.3.1. Yellow- Spring

4.3.2. Orange- Summer

4.3.3. Red- Fall

4.3.4. Blue- Winter

4.4. Cutout Text Boxes

5. File Attachments

5.1. Seasons Coloring & Labeling Worksheet