States of Matter Glog

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States of Matter Glog by Mind Map: States of Matter Glog

1. Online Resources

1.1. Bill Nye - Phases of Matter (Video)

1.2. Magic School Bus - Water Changes( Video)

1.3. States of Matter Sort (Game)

1.4. Changing States (Game)

1.5. Matter Sort and Changing State (Game)

1.6. Properties of Matter (Article)

2. File Attachment

2.1. Why Does Matter Matter?

3. Visual Resources


3.2. 3 picture examples per each state of matter

4. Design Theme

4.1. 3 circles

4.1.1. Solid

4.1.2. Liquid

4.1.3. Gas

4.2. arrows that flow circle to circle

4.2.1. Words with heat and cooling and freezing by arrow

4.3. black background

4.4. bright colors. Correspond with each state of matter

4.4.1. lime green

4.4.2. aqua blue

4.4.3. hot pink

4.5. Video and pdf in the middle

5. Content Standards

5.1. Matter exists in different states, each of which has different properties.

5.1.1. The most common states of matter are solids, liquids and gases.

5.1.2. Shape and compressibility are properties that can distinguish between the states of matter.

5.1.3. One way to change matter from one state to another is by heating or cooling.