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MindMeister by Mind Map: MindMeister
5.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5


MindMeister is an online mind mapping software that allowed users to visualize their thinking using the proven mind mapping method. MindMeister is published by MeisterLabs Inc. and was first available to customers in late 2007. Based on the freemium model, MindMeister provides users three free fully featured maps, but charges a subscription fee for additional maps. In March 2010, MindMeister debuted as one of the original partners selected by Google to take part in the launch of the Google Apps Marketplace

BUT when opening exported mmap in MindManager pro 6 it says: "XML processing error: (816:901) The attribute 'VerticalSubTopicsTreeConnectionPoint' on this element is not defined in the DTD/Schema."

Export to MindManager seems really good.

Changes sometimes not accepted

I was editing this map successfully, then suddenly it stopped accepting changes

My own maps will not allow me anything but single line nodes (no multiline ones like this)

The status bar at the bottom right turns to orange/red and I cannot change the map, even if I wait many minutes.

Question: what browsers are you using when this happens?

Public sharing & editing



Import from MindManager

Sync with iPhone app


Available to you from any web browser

Has lots of export formats (haven't tried them all)

If you recruit additional members you can gain usage/licensing rewards.

This seems to be an actual HTML page

Offline Editing with Google Gears

Notes to be added for each node

Non-Flash Based

Project planning features


Has it got a search and replace topic text?

Can you have call outs?

No boundaries

No auto topic numbering

Very limited formatting

Is there an auto balance option?

No offline editing

You cannot embed iframes in Ecademy blogs / threads

Is there any way to track versions or identify who added what branches / changes to a wikimap and back out those that are unsuitable? Comments yes, the rest - none that I can see.

PDF export of this map is pretty scruffy. Central topic is badly mangled (but it is quite full...)

Unreliable editing

Iphone Application

No level select or filtering

No chat support between members

These days it is easy to add any chat network support (even) using a third party jabber server (yes I expect a serious solution from a paid service)  

No short activity tab for changes by other users

Just who is currently editing information is provided  

No priority/order information

No refresh of the map for fold/unfold actions

Hard to use it in case of big maps because there is no refresh of the map if a node is folded/unfolded (nodes have fixed positions that can be changed only with the mouse)

Project management

Choice of map style


New node