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HSC IPT by Mind Map: HSC IPT

1. Multimedia

1.1. Characterisitcs of multimedia systems

1.1.1. What is a multimedia system? Information Systems that include: Text and numbers Audio Images and/or animations Video Hyperlinks

1.1.2. Differences between print and multimedia different modes of display interactivity and involvement of participants in multimedia systems ease of distribution authority of document

1.1.3. Demands placed on hardware by multimedia systems storage bit depth representation of colour data sampling rates for audio data processing video data frame rates image processing animation processing display pixels resolution

1.1.4. Development of multimedia systems Content Providers System Designers Project Managers Collection of media types Editing of media types Design and layout Technical support

1.2. Examples of multimedia systems

1.2.1. Areas of Multimedia Use Education & Training Leisure & Entertainment Information Provision Information Kiosk Virtual Reality & Simulations Flight Simulator Combined Areas Educational Games

1.2.2. Advances in Technology What is influencing multimedia development?

1.3. Displaying in multimedia systems

1.3.1. Hardware

1.3.2. Software

1.4. Other Information Processes in multimedia systems

1.4.1. Processing Integration of text, number, audio, image, video Compression and Decompression Hypermedia - linking of different media to one another

1.4.2. Organising Storyboard Linear Hierarchical Non-linear Combination

1.4.3. Storing and retrieving Different file formats for different types of data Compression and Decompression

1.4.4. Collecting

1.5. Issues related to multimedia systems

1.5.1. Copyright

1.5.2. Appropriate use of the internet

1.5.3. Merging of media - radio, tv, internet

1.5.4. Digitisation

1.5.5. Integrity of source data

1.5.6. Current and Emerging trends