The Four Seasons

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The Four Seasons by Mind Map: The Four Seasons

1. Online Resources

1.1. The Four seasons in a year song (Video)

1.2. Learn about the four seasons of the earth (Interactive Activity)

1.3. Poem- Four seasons (Video)

1.4. Paint and make raking (Interactive Activity)

1.5. Seasons Interactive (Interactive Activity)

2. Content Standards

2.1. Kindergarten

2.2. Weather changes are long-term and short-term.

2.3. Yearly Weather changes (seasons) are observable patterns in the daily weather changes.

3. Visual Resources

3.1. Several pictures of the changing seasons

3.2. KWL chart for each season

4. Design Theme

4.1. Fall Background

4.2. Graphics relating to the four seasons

4.3. Clip Art

5. Files

5.1. Matching Seasons (Printable worksheet)