Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan

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Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan by Mind Map: Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan

1. Universal design for learning

1.1. UDL youtube

1.2. quote last part of movie

2. Edmonton academy

2.1. -peter's story

2.2. be a self advocate

3. Constructivist learning theory

3.1. prior knowledge (not an empty slate)

3.2. less 'school is factory'

4. 'learning to change-changing to learn' video

4.1. more media use

5. gifted students

5.1. my story

5.2. don't force gifted students to teach non-gifted student

6. '"Don't just teach kids how to count, teach them what counts"

6.1. teaching the whole student

7. Three legged stool

8. High tech high

9. teaching generally

9.1. supportive classroom environment

9.1.1. quote and reflection