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11 IPT by Mind Map: 11 IPT
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11 IPT

Information Skills and Systems

ISC Diagrams

What is an information system?, System that has a purpose and performs a set of information processes., Purpose, Systems meet the needs of a group or individual. The purpose is the reason for existence and used to measure its success, Processes, C.O.A.S.P.T.D, Participants, The people who carry out the information processes within the information system., Data/Information, Data, Raw material in the form of images, audio, video, text, numbers, Information, Data that has been ordered and given some meaning by people. Created and modified by information processes, Information Technology, Hardware, Computers, Input, Processing, Storage, Control, Output, Software, Applications, Systems

Environment, The environment is everything that influences or is influenced by an information system and its purpose.

Information Processes

Collecting, The information process that involves deciding what to collect, locating it and collecting it., Collecting involves four steps:, Defining the required data (what), Identifying the source of the data (where), Determining how the data will be gathered (tools), Gathering the data, Primary sources, Data collected first hand, Interviews, Surveys, Questionnaires, Observation, Secondary Sources, Data collected or created by someone else, Newspapers, Books & Magazines, Databases, CD/DVD, Internet, GIGO - Garbage in, Garbage out, Data collected from unreliable sources or inaccurate data resulting in incorrect information

Organising, Process that arranges, represents and formats data for use by other information processes.


Storing & Retrieving


Transmitting & Receiving


Nature of Data & Information

Digital representation of data

Social & Ethical Issues

Tools for Information Processes




Storing & Retrieving


Transmitting & Receiving


Planning, Design and Implementation

Understanding the Problem




Testing, Evaluating & Maintaining

Social & Ethical Issues

Personal & Group Systems

Project Guidelines

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Personal Projects

Group Projects

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