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CHAPTER 10 by Mind Map: CHAPTER 10


1.1. Local Control

1.1.1. What should be the role of the federal government regarding education?

1.2. Universal Education

1.2.1. How can we ensure the quality of education regardless of whether students live in wealthy or poor school districts?

1.3. Public Education

1.3.1. Should private and religious schools receive public tax support?

1.4. Comprehensive Education

1.4.1. Should the schools require all students to follow a common curriculum?

1.5. Secular Education

1.5.1. How should public schools treat the the presence of religion in American Society and world culture?

1.6. Changing Ideas of the Basics

1.6.1. Is technological literacy a new basic of education?

1.7. Expanding Definitions of Educational Access and Equality

1.7.1. What should schools do about achievement gaps between poor and minority students/students from white or wealthier families?


2.1. Colonial Origins

2.1.1. Dame Schools Formal Education children and girls recieved

2.2. New England Town

2.2.1. Old Deluder Satan Act Keeping people from understanding the Scriptures

2.3. District Schools

2.3.1. Townships divided into Districts

2.4. Middle Colonies

2.4.1. Private Venture Schools Educate everyones children

2.5. South

2.5.1. Plantation Owners to Education Children with Private Tutors

2.6. The Common School

2.6.1. Schools that provided education for average person

2.7. European Influences

2.7.1. Kindergarten Foundation before formal education


3.1. Latin Grammar Schools

3.1.1. College Prep Schools

3.1.2. Seven years of learning

3.2. English Grammar Schools

3.2.1. Demand for secondary education

3.3. Females

3.3.1. Women of the South


4.1. Common school movement

4.1.1. 1800s

4.2. Roman Catholic Church

4.2.1. Parochial Schools

4.2.2. Private School Enrollments

4.3. German

4.3.1. Public Schools

4.3.2. Private Schools


5.1. African Americans

5.1.1. Before the Civil War Evening school for slaves Schools in the North Ben Franklin Began a school President of Abolitionist Society Anthony Benezet Started school for slave and free African American children in Philadelphia French Quaker Prudence Crandall White schoolmistress Took in African American Girls

5.1.2. Period following the Civil war Period of Reconstruction 1865-1870s Federal Government

5.2. American Indians

5.2.1. Religious Purpose

5.2.2. 1622

5.2.3. Likewise to African Americans

5.2.4. Three bills affected by Congress

5.3. Hispanic Americans

5.3.1. Spanish speaking people from U.S

5.3.2. Lived in continental U.S for more than 400 years

5.3.3. Cultural Clash with Whites

5.3.4. De Facto Segregation between Whites and Hispanic Americans

5.4. Asian Americans

5.4.1. Educational Issues

5.4.2. Three groups Filipino Japanese Chinese School segregation in California

5.4.3. Discrimination in the west