Identifying a Research Topic/Question

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Identifying a Research Topic/Question by Mind Map: Identifying a Research Topic/Question

1. Identify Research Interest

1.1. Encyclopedias

1.2. CQ Researcher

1.3. Discipline Specific

1.3.1. Search Engines

1.3.2. Bibliographies

1.3.3. Journals

1.3.4. Databases

2. Narrow Research Topic/Question

2.1. Free Writing and Looping

2.2. Ask Journalist Questions

2.3. Cluster/Mind-Mapping

2.3.1. MS Word Smart Art

2.3.2. MindMeister

2.3.3. Gliffy

2.4. Add adjectival qualifiers to the topic/question (replacing vague terms)

2.5. Term Bank

3. Analyze Researcher's/ Writer's Assets

3.1. Knowledge Inventory

3.2. Self-assess what student already believes about the topic and why s/he believes it.

3.3. Self-assess what student already knows about the topic and how s/he knows it.

4. Make a Research Plan

4.1. Research Proposal

4.1.1. Research Plan

4.1.2. Research Timeline

4.2. Research Journal