Liquid, Solid, Gases!

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Liquid, Solid, Gases! by Mind Map: Liquid, Solid, Gases!

1. Online Resources

1.1. Magic School Bus Video!

1.2. Life of Water Video

1.3. Liquid Solid Gas First Grade Fanatics!

1.4. StudyJams Website

1.5. Ms. Barretta's First Grade Website

2. Visual Aids

2.1. Different Forms of Water pictures throughout the Glog! One of an ice cube, one of water, one of steam/gas.

2.2. Ice Cubes for the children to see.

2.3. Different colored steams to allow them to recognize the gas.

3. Content Standards

3.1. Topic: Motion and Materials

3.2. Content Statement: Properties of objects and materials can change.

3.3. Grade Level: First

3.4. Objects and materials change when exposed to various conditions, such as heating or freezing. Not all materials change in the same way.

4. Designs

4.1. Textboxs full of information

4.2. Water Themed Background

4.3. Have an ocean themed background. Possibly have some animated images that demonstrate water turning from liquid, solid, to gas.

5. Files

5.1. States of Matter Worksheets and Files