Elements of a Story

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Elements of a Story by Mind Map: Elements of a Story

1. RL.K2.3c Recognize characters, settings or events in a story.

2. Characters

2.1. a character is a person depicted in a narrative drama

2.1.1. The Tree

2.2. there are both main, and minor characters in a story

2.2.1. The Boy

2.3. How to identify who the characters of a story are

3. Settings

3.1. Location at which the story takes place

3.1.1. The woods where The Giving Tree lives

3.2. Can also be related to the time at which the story is set

3.2.1. The lifespan of the boy as he grows from a small boy, to an old man.

3.3. How to tell what the setting of a story is

4. Events

4.1. A significant occurrence or happening in a story

4.1.1. As a young boy, the main character played with the tree, ate her apples, and took naps with her everyday.

4.2. Usually affects the story's plot

4.2.1. As the boy grew older, he took parts from the tree to build boats, houses, and to make money. And no longer used her for simply playing.

5. Theme

5.1. the main subject that is being discussed or described in a piece of writing, a movie, etc.

5.1.1. Love, Giving, Support

5.2. The theme of the story can be thought of as the message the reader takes away from the story

5.2.1. Appreciation, Being Thankful

5.3. How to tell what the theme of a story is

6. The Giving Tree