Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan

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Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan by Mind Map: Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan

1. Knowledge

1.1. Self advocacy (students knowing themselves to take charge of their own learning)

1.2. PYP- Primary Years Programme

1.3. "Be curious, not judgmental" ~ Walt Whitman

1.4. "Literacy A World To Discover"

1.5. students having a say in their education- knowing what they want to see, what they want to learn.

1.6. Students expressing how school hasn't prepared them for 'real world'- schools seem to not be giving them that worldly knowledge that is so important

1.7. Are education systems doing enough to create the three E's in students?

1.8. differentiated instruction - students learning in their own way

1.9. AISI- improving student learning

2. Confidence

2.1. Turning knowledge into action- being confident in what one knows in order to act on it. in school, in life.. "I know... I can" image

2.2. self esteem- how schools can contribute to the development of social skills in children to boost confidence

2.3. Scene from dead poet's society- building confidence in students- making them understand they can do things and pushing/motivating them to keep learning.

2.4. "you don't have to be the best, you just have to be better than you already are" -

2.5. this article explores why confidence is so important

3. School Culture

3.1. a pep talk from kid president

3.2. "Rigour is being in the company of a passionate adult who is rigourously pursuing inquiry in the area of their subject matter and is inviting students along as peers in that adult discourse. That's rigour" ~

3.3. What's in a name activity from class- knowing your students and building strong relationships- keeps school culture positive.

3.4. In our classroom...

3.5. pep tak for students and teachers.

3.6. asking students to speak out about how schools are creating caring, safe, spaces for them.

3.7. Students speak out about how teacher-student relationshps affect their schooling

4. Inclusion

4.1. "culturally responsive teaching is a pedagogy that recognizes the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning” – Ladson

4.1.1. Demographic Imperitive

4.2. chrysanthemum reading on youtube. paying attention to students' subcultural identitifications.

4.3. Resources for supporting ELL students

4.4. Alberta Eduction- supporting every student- resources for teachers.

4.5. autism: resource for inclusion

4.6. Getting rid of barriers- universal design video

4.7. About an inclusive education system