Shakespeare Characters

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Shakespeare Characters by Mind Map: Shakespeare Characters

1. Romeo and Juliet

1.1. Juliet

1.1.1. In love with Romeo

1.1.2. Kills self by stabbing

1.1.3. Capulet

1.2. Romeo

1.2.1. In love with Juliet

1.2.2. Kills self with poison

1.2.3. Montague

2. Twelfth Night

2.1. Viola

2.1.1. Pretends to be a boy

2.1.2. Falls in love with Orsino

2.1.3. Has to tell the truth in the end

2.1.4. Has a twin brother

2.2. Olivia

2.2.1. Falls in love with the boy version on Viola

2.2.2. Depressed about the death of her brother

2.3. Malvolio

2.3.1. Gets a trick played on Fake love letter They lock him up to try to make him crazy

2.3.2. Ends the play by saying he will get revenge

3. Much Ado About Nothing

3.1. Beatrice

3.1.1. Loving

3.1.2. Mocks People like Benedick With Jokes and Puns

3.1.3. Seems fine with being single forever in the beginnig

3.2. Benedick

3.2.1. Soldier

3.2.2. Friend to Don Pedro and Claudio

3.2.3. Makes many Jokes

3.2.4. Also swears to never marry

3.3. Claudio

3.3.1. Soldier

3.3.2. Falls in love with Hero

3.3.3. Believes a lie about his future wife hero Calls her out in from of everyone

3.4. Hero

3.4.1. Lovely

3.4.2. Falls in love with Claudio

3.4.3. Suffers because of Don Jon