Conventions of a Radio Play Drama (Hamlet)

Example of MindMap students would be expected to produce asking them to consider some of the things involved in constructing a radio play,

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Conventions of a Radio Play Drama (Hamlet) by Mind Map: Conventions of a Radio Play Drama (Hamlet)

1. Plan: what process is involved in constructing a radio play drama

1.1. Scripting

1.1.1. Casting Recording Uploading

2. What will be used to record the play and what sort of station will it be aired on?

2.1. Reading and Writing program?

2.2. ABC or BBC?

2.3. Look for different types of radio stations that air radio dramas

3. Sound Effects

3.1. Weather

3.1.1. Wind Rain Thunder

3.2. Battle Sounds

3.2.1. Swords clanging

3.3. Background Charcter voices

3.4. Ghost

3.4.1. Eerie Noises whispering wind

4. Important Components of a Radio Play

4.1. Script/play

4.2. Actors

4.3. Narrator

5. Who is in the play?

6. Will Hamlet be cast as a female or male? What sort of interpretation would this create?

7. Would hamlet be played by a young person or older person? Why or why not?

8. Will there be a narrator? Would it aid or hinder the play's performance?

9. Music: what sort of music? will it be included?

9.1. Types of music that could be used: ambient, foreboding, war type music, sombre, melancholic, romantic