Five Translation Competencies

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Five Translation Competencies by Mind Map: Five Translation Competencies

1. Translation

1.1. Subject studied

1.1.1. For - language education, linguistics,economics students, law students, etc Have - own characteristics

1.2. More complex

1.2.1. Because - Implies disciplines sense rather than language sense

1.3. Translator

1.3.1. successful translation

2. 3. Subject competence

2.1. area of expertise

2.1.1. Each discipline remain the function of the text

2.2. audience, genre and function

2.3. example

2.3.1. untranslatable words ‘string’ computer domain another domain

3. 1. Language competence

3.1. good understanding

3.1.1. language aspects verbal and non-verbal language source language and target language ranks

3.2. Newmark

3.2.1. theory of language mastering

3.3. functions of language

3.3.1. Buhler (in Newmark, 1988) expressive the mind of the speaker to maintain writer or the text producer informative informative text to maintain information in the text vocative the readership to consider the readership understanding

3.4. metalinguistic, psychological aspect of language

4. 2. Textual competence

4.1. text

4.1.1. text type

4.1.2. text genre functions in certain culture

4.1.3. convention social convention of the language users similar expression may be written in different way in foreing language

4.2. teaching translation

4.2.1. The translator or students learning translation recognize

5. 4. Cultural competence

5.1. Language

5.1.1. culture elements social conventions

5.2. Equivalence

5.2.1. (fulfill the sense) source language and target language

5.3. focus

5.3.1. text

5.3.2. reader

5.4. text-based translation

5.5. shifts

5.5.1. small linguistic changes occurring in translation of source text to target text (Munday, 2001:55)

6. 5. Transfer competence

6.1. Pym (1992)

6.1.1. 1. transferring Translator's knowledge

6.1.2. 2. translating message transformation from source to target text

6.1.3. 3. translated text Translation process product

6.2. Translator

6.2.1. linguistic and non-linguistic knowledge

6.2.2. borrowed words

6.3. transference

6.3.1. Newmark process of transferring a source language word to a target language text as a translation procedure