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Lighting by Mind Map: Lighting

1. Direct

1.1. Direct light travels directly from the source to the object

1.2. Creates harsh shadows and bright highlights

1.3. Can create difficulty when exposing

1.4. Information lost in shadows and highlights

2. Diffused

2.1. Light travels from source THROUGH something

2.2. A cloudy day produces diffused light

2.3. Produces softer light which creates soft highlights and shadows

2.4. Can produce images that lack contrast

2.5. Soft light creates few strong highlights or shadows

3. Exposing

3.1. Exposing under EXTREME lighting conditions is difficult

3.2. Difference between shadow and highlight

3.3. from 11am to 4pm is the harshest light (if it's direct)

3.4. What are other extreme lighting conditions?

3.5. When in doubt, expose for the highlights and add darkness in photoshop

3.6. ie, expose to the right (histogram)

4. Bounced Light

4.1. Using a bounce card to "fill" the shadow area

4.2. Before/After

4.3. The bounce card in use