Dusty Wright Browsers Wars

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Dusty Wright Browsers Wars by Mind Map: Dusty Wright Browsers Wars

1. Safari 5

1.1. Pros:

1.1.1. It has a function called tab undo for when you accidentally close a tab with ctrl+z you can open that tab again.

1.1.2. Address field now gives suggestions just like the other browsers.

1.2. Cons:

1.2.1. No WebKit2, still the same terrible memory management.

1.2.2. Google cloud is still broken.

2. Opera 12.14

2.1. Pros:

2.1.1. Reasonably fast

2.1.2. Allows you to use tab stacking.

2.2. Cons:

2.2.1. No bookmarks

2.2.2. Forces you to use their speed dial if you want to simulate a bookmark

3. Explorer 10

3.1. Pros:

3.1.1. Optimized for touch computers.

3.1.2. Lets you pin pages to start screen.

3.2. Cons:

3.2.1. Lack of common settings for browser versions.

3.2.2. Desktop version lacks sharing features.

4. Fire fox 21

4.1. Pros:

4.1.1. Fire fox is reported to be the fastest browser.

4.1.2. Has advanced security system that help protect computer from spyware.

4.2. Cons:

4.2.1. Fire fox has compatibility issues.

4.2.2. Fire fox takes a lot of memory to run

5. Goals

5.1. Goal 1

5.1.1. Compare different browsers.

5.2. Goal 2

5.2.1. Give information on the top browsers.

6. Google Chrome

6.1. Pros:

6.1.1. Excellent security.

6.1.2. Instant site prediction and loading.

6.2. Cons:

6.2.1. Do not track privacy feature is buried and discouraged.

6.2.2. Fonts occasionally jagged.

7. Define:

7.1. Plug in: a software component that adds a specific feature to a software application.

7.2. Browser: a program with a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files.

8. Market Share

9. HTML5 Ranking

9.1. Text markup language, which forms the backbone of all internet websites.