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Continents by Mind Map: Continents

1. North America

1.1. Approx. 528,720,588 people

1.2. Given the name from Americo Vespucci, the Italian explorer (same person who named South America)

1.3. Significant symbols: Statue of Liberty, Mexico Coat of Arms, the Bald Eagle

2. Europe

2.1. Population of approx. 738,199,000

2.2. Named after the Phoenician princess "Europa"

2.3. Winters are cooler and longer in the north and the east

2.4. Significant symbols: Eiffel Tower, Coat of Arms, and the Colosseum

3. South America

3.1. Population of approx. 379,500,000

3.2. Name originated from Americo Vespucci, the Italian explorer

3.3. Significant symbols: Brazil Coat of Arms, Inca symbol

4. Africa

4.1. Over 1,032,532,974 people

4.2. Originated from the Romans who used the name Africa terra "land of the Afri"

4.3. Significant symbols: Coat of Arms, traditional mask, giraffe

5. Asia

5.1. Over 3.8 billion people

5.2. Originated from the Ancient Greek word Ασία

5.3. Major languages are Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, and Arabic

5.4. Significant Symbols: Giant Panda and Bengal Tiger

6. Antarctica

6.1. Population of zero

6.2. Derived from the Greek word, meaning "opposite to the north"

6.3. There are no particular symbols because it is not governed by authority

7. Australia

7.1. More than 22 million people

7.2. Derived from the Latin australis, meaning "southern"

7.3. Significant symbols: The Union Jack, the Southern Cross, the Commonwealth Star