Attitude towards Artificial Intelligence

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Attitude towards Artificial Intelligence by Mind Map: Attitude towards Artificial Intelligence

1. The superiority of AI projections over those made by humans

1.1. Police forces

1.2. Yet for= Because of

1.3. deeply lack confidence

2. Widespread distrust of an AI innovation

2.1. Oncology: Ung thu hoc

2.2. attempt: no luc

2.3. coincided with: xay ra dong thoi

2.4. typically conclude:ket luan

2.5. plausible: hop ly

2.6. algorithms: thuat toan

2.7. Consequently=Therefore: Do do

2.8. seemingly outlandish:co ve ky di

2.9. suspicion: su nghi ngo

2.10. expertise: su thanh thao, gioi= accuracy

3. The process by which AI can help us make good decisions

3.1. intricate inner cau tao ben trong phuc tap

3.2. modify: dieu chinh

3.3. implement: thi hanh, thuc hien

3.4. superior: hon

4. Google Ads

5. Encouraging openness about how AI functions

5.1. release transparency: giai phong bao cao minh bach

5.1.1. governement requests: loi yeu cau chinh phu

5.1.2. surveillance: su giam sat

5.1.3. disclosure: su vach tran, su phoi bay

5.2. high-profile:tai lieu day dac

5.2.1. algorithmic decisions: quyet dinh ve thuat toan

6. Reasons why we have more faith in human judgement than in AI

6.1. comprehend

6.1.1. understand

6.2. technically explained: giai thich mot cach co ban

6.3. fairly new: vua moi

6.4. acutely aware of: nhan thuc sau sac

6.5. disproportionate: ko can doi, ko ty le

7. An increasing divergence of attitudes towards AI

7.1. Sales collaterals

7.1.1. run deep: sau sac

7.1.2. sceptics: nhung nguoi hoai nghi

7.1.3. biased manner: ly do thien vi

7.1.4. society spilt= society divide

7.1.5. confirmation bias: thien kien xac nhan

7.1.6. pertinently: thich hop

7.1.7. optimistics: nhung nguoi lac quan

7.1.8. polarise: phan cuc

7.1.9. regardless of: ko bi anh huong

7.1.10. participant: nguoi tham gia

7.2. Webinar