Assessment Plan for the Revolutionary War

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Assessment Plan for the Revolutionary War by Mind Map: Assessment Plan for the Revolutionary War

1. Pre-assessment

1.1. Brainstorm; ask the students what the remeber about the last class discusstion on this topic. And have the come to the board to write it

2. Objective #1

2.1. Be able to identify the starting dates and ending dates of this war

2.1.1. Pre Assessment; Quick Write have students write down what they remember the dates of the Revolutionary War. We will collect and discuss.

3. Objective #2

3.1. Identify the major moments in the war and be able to explain their outcomes

3.1.1. Formative Assessment; When going over the major events the students will use traffic light cards

4. Objective #3

4.1. Be able to make a time line of the major events

4.1.1. Formative Assessment; Turn to your neightbor. After the students make a timeline of events they can look over each others to peer review.

5. Objective #4

5.1. Identify improtant persons during this time

5.1.1. Formative assessment; Have the studets have a debate on the important persons. Ex; Pro Thomas Pain or Con Thomas Pain

6. Objectve #5

6.1. Descibe the effect the war had on the future of America

6.1.1. Summative assesment; have the students write a pharagraph on theor predicts on what happends after the relouvtionary war anf the effect it had one the country

7. Summative assessment

7.1. A short answer quiz will follow the lesson on The Revolutionary War.