I am going to make your Marketing Firm Unstoppable

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I am going to make your Marketing Firm Unstoppable by Mind Map: I am going to make your Marketing Firm Unstoppable

1. Problem Solved

2. Adding additional services

2.1. Everyone else is doing that

2.2. It destroys other lines of business

2.3. It takes too long

2.4. It costs too much

2.5. I have to vet and hire another expert

2.6. you need to develop a new sales system

2.7. Softwares become outdated and have no personal services

2.8. I have no support

2.9. Services have a short life and provide no recurring revenue

2.10. They provide no value to your other services

3. Upselling Old Customers

3.1. You have nothing else to sell them

3.2. It's too expensive

3.3. They have not budget

3.4. They need fresh emails

3.5. "I want social media results I can track"

4. Landing New Business

4.1. Whats the number one objection you get?

4.1.1. "It's too expensive"

4.1.2. "How will I know it's working?"

4.1.3. "I get all of my business from referrals"

5. Big Question to your customers

5.1. If you walked in and told potential clients or current clients "I am going to get your current customers to sell for you and be able to quantify the results" woul they listen to you?

6. Big Question to me

6.1. What is it? How much is this going to cost and how long will it take before I can sell it and who is going to help me?

7. Partner Program

7.1. No Cost to you

7.2. Starter sytem you can then improve easily

7.3. Complete reporting

7.4. Phone Sales and Technical Support

7.5. Weekly Group Call